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Citizens x the {Tiny} Sartorialist

About 2 weeks B.F.W (Before Fashion Week) we visited the home of Marshall Ace, or as he’s better known on the web, the Tiny Sartorialist.

Celebrated by the likes of Parents Magazine, American Apparel, The Huffington Post, and most recently The Times London, take any image you have of the traditional ‘baby blogger’ and burn it because while the Tiny Sartorialist may be blog that features a baby and is written by a mum (from the perspective of the baby) there be no cringe-worthy rants of the “breast is best” variety. In fact, the closest thing to a conundrum might be the odd “what to wear?” moment which is sometimes the kind of quality feel good froth we all need from time to time.

As Marshall is currently busy working on other projects (riding his trike, climbing through his mini tent, and taking tours around American Apparel) we spoke to Karla, his mum and COO of everything Tiny Sartorialist.

Hey KC, how long have you been doing the Tiny Sartorialist?

We just recently celebrated our first birthday.

How does it feel to see people discussing your blog on major sites like The Huffington Post?

It’s odd reading comments from people who don’t know you or your intentions. Good or bad, you can’t take anything anyone else says too seriously. It is what it is. I listen to my mum, my friends, my boss (most of the time).

What sparked the idea?

I live on the other side of the world from my entire family and I wanted a creative way to ensure everyone can stay up-to-date without missing anyone. Not everyone is on Facebook (seriously, true story) and I would always leave everyone out of email updates. Having a blog was a way for all my dear ones to check in whenever they want and see what we are up to.
It isn’t so much about clothes as just that idea of The Sartorilaist that is about capturing moments and people.

Do you compare yourself at all to other blogs or baby bloggers?

No. I don’t really think of Tiny Sartorialist as one type of blog or another, and because I am documenting what we do I don’t need to compare it to what other people are doing. Obviously with the name people may think we are copying The Sartorialist but that is not the case. I am just referencing the style of just capturing what is happening and shooting candidly.

When was the point that you knew or felt that this was going to get quite big?

To be honest, I still haven’t reached that point.

Can you share your blogging process from idea creation, to shooting, to edit, to upload?

I like to capture moments that inspire me. I also like good light – sunrise or sunset – but moments tend to happen any time of day, unfortunately.
I lug around my Canon 5D whenever I can. I take pictures of Marshall when I am inspired. If there is an event or we are up and the light looks nice we will go out with the intention to shoot, but more often than not these things just happen.”Shoots” are usually 5-10 minutes max (nothing with a toddler lasts much longer than that). When Marshall is asleep I will load all the photos on to my computer and back up on my raid drive – I back everything up and organise photos by month. These photos are very special to me and I don’t want to lose them.

What do you plan to do once Marshall stops being quite so Tiny?

He will tell me what we will do at that point

What’s been your best blogging moment, so far?

My first post


The world is kind of saturated with blogs now. Do you think we’ll ever reach a tipping point?

We have already. No human could ever process the amount of information that goes up online each day in 10985948590 lifetimes. But who cares. If people want to be creative and express themselves through a blog then just let them. Even an audience of one is an audience.


What are your favourite albums to blog to?

Van Morrison, Astral Weeks, Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life, So much Radiohead, So much Bowie
So much MJ
So much Queen
And so much more.

What do you think the blogging world could do without and what do you think it needs more of?

Less “curators”, less haters. More originality, more love.
Marshall wears: T-shirt by American Apparel, fluro orange jeans by Kutie Protocol.
Karla wears: T-shirt by American Apparel, jeans by Dr. Denim
Scott: T-shirt from General Pants, jeans by Lee
Bedroom: “Plasma Eyes” print by Friends With You. Bedspread from Koskela.
Living room:  ”Pulp Fiction Bananas” by Banksy, “Whaam!” by Roy Lichtenstein. Our rug is from Istanbul and pillows from Koskela.
Marshall’s room: “Family Portrait”, “Fall in New York” and “The Duke of NY” by Matte Stephens. Deer and green rug from Kiddo Store. Mini replica furniture from
Photos by Dom on Nikon D4


“If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing…”

- Yann Martel

The CITIZENS OF THE WORLD project began in late 2012. Initially a collaborative venture between lifestyle and portrait photographer Dominic Loneragan and writer Meghan McTavish has expanded to celebrate the people and places we admire and find intriguing.

We are primarily based in Sydney, although our candles can be found throughout Australia and in selected stores overseas.

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Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Citizens of the World
Meghan McTavish + Dominic Loneragan